Commodore 64 Ars Praefectus Registered: Well to be sure, nearly every mATX case has airflow problems. It is stable though. Here are a couple of other boards that have a similar setup, but not the great deal: Jhhnn Ars Legatus Legionis Registered: Thu Sep 25, 9:

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List of VIA chipsets

The km board that I used has been very stable and works very well. The onboard video is usable for 2D applications.

If the onboard video is insufficient, you could always throw in a videocard. It also plays gta3 but there were freezes.

My cousin uses it at college and she loves it because it looks cool. Tue Sep 23, 2: My cousin has a 15″ LCD with a native resolution of x and the onboard video looks great on there. Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor. East Bay of CA Registered: There is no real clipping system holding it on there. Wed Sep 24, As for the onboard video, it’s OK for 2D stuff, but that’s about it. So, has anyone seen any reviews on these boards or this chipset, I can’t seem to find anything anywhere.


Originally posted by Commodore Mon Sep 22, 8: Dec 5, Posts: So via km400 chipset it’s not quite as good as the Nforce2 and the onboard video is a lot worse via km400 chipset the nForce IGP on-board video, but still not terrible. Via km400 chipset burn coasters fairly often at 40x using cheap ass Imation media that my wife got for free for buying a computer desk CD spindle. But the front panel wirings and the cheap ass bezel attachment system are things that seriously detract from this particular case.

VIA 4in1 chipset drivers for Microsoft Windows Vista 32bit

I used one of those and wasn’t too fond of it. Via km400 chipset said that I’m looking at the following from NewEgg: Jul 30, Posts: It never fails at 24x, FWIW. I had to add wire.

I wouldn’t worry about the mobo. Come on, someone must have seen a review or something related somewhere.

I used an Aopen km board and the reset wouldn’t reach, and the power switch barely reached. I don’t know if it is quality or not, it via km400 chipset hot but the system is stable so voltages must be within limits.


I just got this board today, and at first i had a hell of a problem getting the onboard audio to work right. Front panel connectors are via km400 chipset short. Commodore 64 Ars Praefectus Registered: Thu Sep 25, Well what is the intended usage? That’s as far as it goes. But with via km400 chipset fresh install of XP, it sounds very nice for AC’97 audio.