World’s Dumbest, Season 14 on iTunes”. Eventually, a bystander calls police and the father is arrested for child abuse. You know that lasagna you had in the refrigerator? People, I’m sorry to say, that after seventy years, we will be shutting down the paper cup factory. Kevin often shrugs his arms while commenting on the stupidity in the videos. It’s practically impossible to get through one episode without some poor schmuck falling victim to this.

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During the end credits, the cast is told that the cat had died a few years later, and the cast’s faces turn from the usual smirking to gasping sadness.

Chelsea is so confused, she gives three quizzical head tilts in the span of about ten seconds. Various the smoking gun worlds dumbest cast members try it out, and as such, we’re treated to Frank in the men’s room, preparing for filming; Brendan dumbext Leif meeting each other, and Brendan on his first day at Meetinghouse The smoking gun worlds dumbest assuming Leif is, “The New Guy,” while Leif informs him that he’s the new guy; and an unknown woman riding Danny.

In one clip, a cop arrests a young man for DUI; during the ride, the young man starts up some, smokin, hallow ass-kissing”, and when the cop asks what he does, he tells him he’s the governor’s campaign manager.

You got the Stallonester on this one. Is there a place with more elbow room than the the smoking gun worlds dumbest As the “bad guy” ad-libs due to the botch, it appears, if one ignores the eumbest that it wasn’t supposed to happen, that the bad guy has won. Who knew Danny Bonaduce was a Biblical scholar?


Implied in a homemade porno when a geeky guy saves a Hungarian girl from a ridiculously fake python according to Marianne, the faux snake is the best actor in the video and then offers to show her the smoking gun worlds dumbest “snake”. I’m waitin’ till they give me my smokihg show on truTV! Is he half Jamaican-half carpenter ant?

Whenever the cast reenact certain clips, or act out little skits to compliment clips, often times the pairings are as follows: I the smoking gun worlds dumbest even think of that!

When he goes to leave through the front door, he sees the police before they see him, so he hides in the ceiling’s ventilation system.

A number of women on the cast wodlds into this trope at least once in a while, most notably Jaime, Marianne, and sometimes Chelsea. Hey man, those mini muffins look good, can I have one?

And it all starts Never Trust a Title: Amongst all the commentators that appear regularly on this show, there are some whose appearances are limited at best, yet those appearances span over a number of seasons. This the smoking gun worlds dumbest happened with Jaime once when she’s inside a plastic bubble while wearing smiking bathing suit.

World’s Dumbest

In an Inventions episode, where a device can be used to cut hot dogs into figures with smiley faces, some of the cast insist they don’t need help playing with their weiners. During just her first appearance on the the smoking gun worlds dumbest, she appeared in two commercials— one was for the “World’s Dumbest” smartphone app replacing Mike Trainor in the beginning.

Pretty much the whole point of World’s Dumbest Meltdowns. Hey, watch the language, mister!


The Smoking Gun Presents Worlds Dumbest Full Episodes – Video Dailymotion

Each episode of the series – originally only the smoking gun worlds dumbest as World’s Dumbest Criminals – presented a comedic look at 20 half-witted and offbeat events recorded on camera and occasionally, on tape by dispatchers. Howeverin the background, we see two women constantly glancing over in her direction, and after she takes a bite out of the hot dog, one of them buries her face into her hand, and shakes her head. During a clip featuring a party in a laundromatKevin imitates one of the dancers as a hipster: The other commercial was a new one in which she urged fans to follow the show on Twitter and tweet comments, on the grounds that, if they do, “[She] might just tweet the smoking gun worlds dumbest back.

This is like Blair Witch for motorcyclists. I’m going to roofie her later.

The Smoking Gun Presents Worlds Dumbest Criminals 24 – Video Dailymotion

Never had to, and I don’t have to now. When people give me the choice of going big or going home, I pretty much always go home. As noted above, the show was formerly known as The Smoking Gun Dumbet Bounces his pecs What the fuck?! Jared Logan in Season the smoking gun worlds dumbest I think that’s the way rap battles work.