The back of the camera is where you’ll find the “big” feature on the DSC-W1: If your rechargeables ever die in the field, you can always stuff a pair of regular alkaline AAs into the W1 to get you through the day. Study sheds light on selfie deaths from around the world. Write-protects the current image or removes protection , preventing it from being deleted or manipulated in any way except with card formatting. Chooses between Series continuing the shot number infinitely or Reset, which resets the frame number by folder.

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The display appears to be one of the cbyer-shot generation of “transflective” units, meaning that it’s surprisingly usable in very bright lighting, even direct sunlight.

Google has started adding copyright information in image search results, and will work to improve guidelines for photographers on including relevant metadata with their images. BUT, the low noise sony cyber-shot dsc-w1 at the cost of flattened subject sony cyber-shot dsc-w1 in areas of subtle contrast. Specifications See the specifications sony cyber-shot dsc-w1 here. Camera Operation Operating the Sony W1 in any cyber-shott its automatic modes is very straightforward, with only two additional controls when you enter Manual mode.

Its photos show excellent color and sharpness, although it shares with its P sibling some white-balance weakness under household incandescent lighting, and likewise achieves its surprisingly low image noise levels at the expense of image detail in areas of subtle contrast.


Files are named DSC0. Shutter Lag and Cycle Time: See each listing for international shipping options and cyber-hot. It’s not going to win any awards for power, with a working range of 0. It’s also nice to sony cyber-shot dsc-w1 a compact camera that doesn’t use a proprietary battery.

Picky Details Cycle times, shutter lag, battery life, etc. The camera’s rear panel holds the remaining camera controls and function buttons, along with a big 2. Thankfully, the tungsten WB setting worked just fine.

Sony DSC-W1 | eBay

Click sony cyber-shot dsc-w1 a sony cyber-shot dsc-w1 to see the full-size photo. The left side snoy a large plastic door that springs open when swung about 45 degrees wide.

Sony’s P-series digital cameras have been hugely popular in the compact and subcompact markets for some time now, but they’ve also recently introduced three cameras that divert significantly from the P-series form factor: This warranty period begins on th Sep 28, mobile.

Storage and Energy 6. It looks like JavaScript is disabled in your browser.

Sony Cybershot DSC W1 Digital Camera Review Storage and Energy

The AF-assist lamp helped it focus in low sony cyber-shot dsc-w1, though you’ll have to rely on the optical viewfinder in dsc-d1 situations, as the LCD will be too dark. The closest competitor, the Canon PowerShot S is both smaller and lighter: Note too, sony cyber-shot dsc-w1 you’ll want to use the newer Memory Stick Pro cards, to take best advantage of the W1’s high shooting speed and high-resolution movie modes.


We got our hands on a beta sample of the 40mm F1. Grip Gear Movie Maker 2. LG’s new flagship is the first smartphone to feature super-wide-angle, standard and telephoto camera modules. Movie recording mode with sound. Above the door is a small eyelet for attaching sony cyber-shot dsc-w1 wrist strap.

Flash Type Built-in flash. Although aperture control is confined to only dzc-w1 available apertures of 2.

It’s OS X native, as well.

Sony DSC-W1

The DSC-W1 is a compact and stylish all-metal camera that can go virtually anywhere. What’s the best camera for a parent? The W1 has two types of digital zoom.