Input Output Sheet Size. Setting this option tells Windows how to send graphic images to the printer. Solving General Printing Problems Solution Possible Cause Problem Simplify the page layout and remove The page layout is too Half of the page is any unnecessary graphics from the complex. Connect to the Computer with a Parallel Cable ————— 2. Click OK or Yes until you complete the creation. Close the front cover. Page 95 Troubleshooting Error Messages Error Paper Data Waiting for the Demo button to be pressed While printing in the manual feed mode, the printer is waiting for the Demo button to be pressed.

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Printing on Envelopes Push the output lever down. ML samsung ml 4600 printer 4 MB standard of the printer memory and Note: Samsung ml 4600 printer 90 Solving Print Quality Problems Solution Problem If the amount of background toner shading becomes Gray background unacceptable, the procedures below may help to clear the condition: Loading Paper Proper paper loading helps to prevent paper jams and ensure trouble-free printing.

When you change the print settings from your software application, access the printer properties. Then release the button and the demo page will print.

Samsung ML Laser Printer Review –

Page 4 Printing Tasks Printing a Samsug ——————————————————————————————— 5. Open and close the front cover. Both high temperature Curl or wave and humidity will cause paper curl.

eamsung Remember that paper absorbs and loses moisture rapidly. Heat causes the moisture in paper to evaporate, while cold causes it to condense on the sheets.


Samsung ML 4600 Standard Laser Printer

Windows, Linux, IMac pages per toner cartridge Cost per page: USB uses a standard port and plug combination for connecting samsung ml 4600 printer like printers, modems, scanners, and digital cameras. Install the Toner Cartridge ————————————————————— 2. Print Media Choosing Paper printdr Other Media You can print on a variety of print media, such as plain paper, envelopes, labels, transparencies, card stocks and so on.

The Add New Hardware Wizard dialog box appears. Select the desired spool setting from the available choices. To add a new watermark to the list, click Add. After others on the USB chain have installed the printer software for your specific printer, samsung ml 4600 printer can print to your shared printer.

Some printed characters or images appear to have jagged or SRT Mode uneven edges. Push the metal clips down to fit inside the notches on the cable plug. Solving Print Quality Problems Solution Problem If the amount of background toner shading becomes Gray background unacceptable, the procedures prrinter may help to clear the condition: Printing on Preprinted Paper Preprinted paper is paper that has some type of printing placed samdung it before it is sent through the printer paper that has a mo logo at the top of samsung ml 4600 printer page, for example.

Select the port you want, check the Reconnect at log on box, then click OK. Troubleshooting Checklist If the printer is not working properly, complete the following checklist in order.


Then turn off the computer and If you have the printer. Set this Samsung Resolution enhancement Technology SRT option samsung ml 4600 printer improve the print quality of your text and image and make the characters and images appear smoother.

System Requirements To use your ML printer and its software with a Macintosh, your system should samsung ml 4600 printer Setting Graphic Properties Configure the printer to process graphics as raster or vector Graphic Mode images. Click the Select button in the Input Filter to access filter setup.

To enable this feature from your printer Press the Toner Save button on the control panel. Right-click the shared name, and select Capture Printer Port.

Using the Automatic Input Tray The automatic input tray holds sheets of plain paper and 5 sheets of special media.

Troubleshooting Error Messages Troubleshooting Error Messages When the printer experiences an error, the control panel will indicate error messages by the indicator lights. Cleaning The Printer Samsung ml 4600 printer the Printer To maintain print quality, follow the cleaning procedures below every time the toner cartridge is replaced or whenever print quality problems occur.