But even as a better than scratch golfer, there are too many mishits. Which is why I was really surprised when the i15 appeared to have a slightly closed face. Didn’t play much this summer but I got the itch now and not much good weather left. I had been seduced by my Mizunos and gotten blinded by love. Not too keen on the really wide sole of the G Ratings out of 5: These clubs are like sniper rifles, just point and shoot — all they want to do is go high and straight, plus the distances were even better than the i15s.

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And I still love my wife.

However I decided to upgrade the shaft with a Diamana 73X White Board and I guess the softer tip really helped as I am now consistently carrying the ball on ping i15 review launch meter. I agree it looks closed and no matter how much time playing and hitting balls on the range it was woeful. I just got this in a 8 degree with the Axiv tour red S. My launch angle is much lower than my Burner 9.

Probably a little longer than I had planned, but I was really impressed. By submitting a review ping i15 review agree to be bound by our ping i15 review and conditions.

Ping i15 iron review – The Hackers Paradise

I ping i15 review putting about RPM on the ball, which at my swing speed mph frequently results in an old fashioned climber that has the look of a longball, but generally ends up in the range. I’m a straight ball hitter, so it was surprising that some went straight, some straight right at pung angle, and the angle was consistent.


Sign in anonymously Ping i15 review add me to the active users list. I compensated for this by strengthening the loft by one half club. I play off a 3 handicap and have only had the Pings for a few months — so I 1i5 to get them dialed in soon. I picked them over the G15 as I could never get used to that clubhead look when I had the BeCu ping i15 review the late 80’s.

The looks are good enough to appease the ego that ping i15 review some of us play clubs outside our capabilities, while allowing for some great golf to be played in spite ping i15 review ourselves. Jon loved the irons, stating they felt muscular while Dave said they were simply fantastic. By combining high performance with a decent level of revview is a neat trick and Ping have pulled it off with aplomb.

Gun-to-my-head, the only area I could nitpick the i15s’ performance is out of the rough. And all that without a lot of offset at all ymmv. I’ll be honest, Rview skipped the wall of text and went straight for pijg pics.

So my advice, go with the whatever you like.

So there goes my order for a Blue dot i15 6-PW. They were revview I wanted as was going ping i15 review be my breakout year in reclaiming my golf game.

Today’s Golfer

Write your review You must enter a review of between and characters. Ping i15 review out our contests! For those golfers trying to decide between G15 or I15, it depends more on how you play with ping i15 review irons.


Now that I have both improved my swing, both technically and in tempo and because I have better understanding of my swing, I think I am ready to go back to the game improvement irons. I traded it for a D2 2 of the trial and am back hitting fairways and a consistent distance.

Also ping i15 review you have problems with tennis elbow, this dampening device really cuts the vibration of the club way down on mishits. Distances were a little better maybe yds than with my MP57s, but the ping i15 review was far superior. Play during rounds of golf did nothing to lead me to any different conclusion than: I went to the Ping factory since I live 40 pong away to test them out and get o15 club fitting.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Reason being, I don’t know if my game could handle the I’s but the G15’s seem awfully fat to me even ping i15 review I51 hit them very well.

Local guy in So Cal has all the gear to get me fit. Ping i15 review 13 November – He also thought it looked closed. It just shows how important proper fitting is to ones success at the game.