At least it was challenging! Apr 8, Posts: Here’s the gameplay bits about it that still really frustrate me:. I’m pretty sure there were some in Carbon I remember some that let you bypass a long tunnel, for example that should have given you a huge advantage but just didn’t in practice. Its probably slightly more balanced, than those though, In U2 I barely drove, just kept making cars, in MW I barely didn’t modify the cars as much, just did police chases! Not every time, but if you drive the right way to goad the AI drive toward, or near the pillar pretty much you’ll lose 2 or more guys half the time or better.

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So what can I do? I didn’t think the nnfs chases were quite as much fun as in Most Wanted, the city layout was nfs carbon hard lot more fiddly and didn’t lend itself quite as well to long, flowing sequences as Most Wanted did.

The map in Carbon was to confined and samey. I nfs carbon hard take it for what it nard, the games had cheesy stories, over the top cut hzrd and some ridiculous racing through heavy traffic so they hit my personal tastes perfectly. Boards Need for Speed Carbon: It’s about the same. They were a nfs carbon hard annoyance in Carbon. I could be wrong while I nfs carbon hard Most Wanted a few months ago, it’s been years since I’ve played Carbon but the way I remember Carbon the problem wasn’t so much the lack of shortcuts but the AI’s ungodly ability to catch right back up to you even when you used them.


Originally posted by Psion: It really, REALLY feels like the gratuitous padding hhard it is, and you don’t even get decent money back for winning them.

Any straight section of road and he gains massive ground on me. I actually enjoyed Carbon a lot too, as well as some of the other “bad” titles Pro Street and Shift. nfs carbon hard

It wasn’t Most Wanted. Unbelievably annoying, but very awesome once you got the hang of it.

I like open roads, not confined ones. And that whole racing in teams that have different abilities was really stupid.

Need For Speed: Carbon – lil help?

Notes optional; required for “Other”: I played the PS2 version though so it might have been different on other consoles. Psion Ars Legatus Legionis Registered: Sell your old cars if you nfs carbon hard to.

Is Carbon touted as a bad game? That makes no sense: Add user to Ignore List after reporting. Says so in the title.


Need For Speed: Carbon – lil help? – Ars Technica OpenForum

Lap knockout is just Top 5 with Lisa Foiles. P Why would you pick one game to hate in a franchise because a certain publisher made it along with all the rest of the games. Who the hell designed these? nfs carbon hard

I’ve never played any of the Need for Speed games, so I can’t really comment on their quality. In my porsche, I can negotiate a corner perfectly, but the lead car will always outpace me coming out of the corner. I don’t know what’s up with it Sun Apr 08, 9: Fri Apr 06, 4: I think it’s been said a lot After Cqrbon realised I wasn’t having fun, just getting frustrated, I shelved it and chalked it up to, “Well, I had a hadr weeks worth of fun.

Nfs carbon hard Most Wanted’s schtick. nfs carbon hard