The Eee PC looks just like a standard notebook, only lots smaller and more plasticky. Intel Celeron MHz processor with Intel chipset. Sony, whose Vaio UX and TZ series notebooks illustrate their diametrically opposed design philosophy, grumbled that the likes of the Eee PC would doom the evolution of the cutting edge ultra-mobile computer. While a handy feature if ever your Windows goes belly up, I have never used it and it can take up precious space. The 2G 2 gig “Surf” Linux models are available in pink, green and blue as well.

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Whilst doing asus eee pc 4g xp, I installed the minimal apps he would need: When dialed in just right, the Eee PC is a surprisingly potent web browser. Good connectivity with WiFi, Ethernet and a modem. Adobe Reader 7 is included, as zsus. Once all the updates were installed, MS Security Essentials was updated and ran its first scan, and with all apps installed and updated, I was left with just under 1 GB free space.

Can run Internet, productivity and even video apps respectably. Run through the installer, formatting the drive and setting your region settings as you go. Building a custom Xbox Adaptive Controller peripheral, part one.

The 7″ Eee PC is a bit bigger than most UMPCs to be fair, and crams fewer components and features in, so there’s room for that larger battery. Down the bottom is the Virtual Memory section. It’s about the same auss as the Eee Asus eee pc 4g xp 7″ model, and the display loses the big bezel and large speaker grilles.

Neither is particularly fast, of course, but for web surfing, multimedia playback, and basic office applications, I’d call both fast enough. Remove two phillips head screws on the bottom to open the RAM door. We want to help maximize the life of your Apple gear. I set asus eee pc 4g xp to custom size of minimum MB and maximum of MB.


Those take up 3. That’s a very high capacity battery for a small fella, and it’s double that of the HTC Shift.

Asus Eee PC 4G–X Windows XP Drivers

This number is for advertising only. That sure threw the industry for a loop– consumers loved the first version running the usually less-than-popular among average budget consumers Linux. Tweaking Windows Once all the updates asus eee pc 4g xp installed, MS Security Essentials was updated and ran its first scan, and with all apps installed and updated, I was left with just under 1 GB free space.

Clearly, with only 4 gigs of storage, it can’t be a primary machine, even for a child, because there’s barely enough room to install an Office suite and a few other apps along with staples like Quicktime, Flash and anti-virus software.

ASUS Eee PC 4G/XP Netbook driver download – Asus Drivers Downloads

I ensured all hardware was working, and installed any drivers it needed — which were for the ethernet port, the built in WiFi and the graphics chip. Low resolution means windows and dialogs sometimes run off screen making the OK and cancel saus elusive. Being an SSD based device the installation went very quickly and was asus eee pc 4g xp within 20 minutes. Surface Pro 6, I mean makes no sense, With a standard Internet Explorer and OS configuration, there isn’t much room for web browsing.

You can throw Outlook Express in there and things are OK, but full Outlook will add just enough of a burden to slow the machine down some. Readability should be about the same, which means asus eee pc 4g xp too hard on the eyes even if you aren’t a asuz chicken, but not as easy on the eyes as a full sized notebook.


Light, small but not too small and sturdy. The notebook weighs just 2 pounds and is between the size of a paperback and hardback book closer to the hardback but not very thick at 1. It’s Intel’s own GM integrated graphics chipset and software which usually work fine.

Linux may be a fully capable desktop operating system with a rich library of free applications, and it may even be a better fit for modest hardware. There is no docking station or docking connector, but those tend to be expensive and wouldn’t fit in with the Eee’s design philosophy of wildly portable and affordable computing.

All of the tips are done at your own risk. Asus eee pc 4g xp this product Sp to Buy. XP wasn’t designed asus eee pc 4g xp systems with ssus a low display resolution, and the OS pops up a warning suggesting that you bump up the resolution to x Pretty good going and dp than enough for the machine to breathe, but there are some more things you can do to grab a little extra space.